The notebook explained

On this website you’ll find information about me and my work, and you can read selections from my writing.

The site also doubles as notebook of web links and occasional jottings and observations arising from matters discussed in my creative writing classes. The notebook is for students – past and present – of all my courses, and anyone else who is interested in creative writing. Please sign up if you’d like the latest notes delivered straight to your inbox. Official course material such as worksheets, information handouts and reading material won’t be posted here: you have to attend the courses for those!

If anyone has creative writing web links or information they’d like to share here – e.g. competitions, events, advice – please leave details in a comments box or email them to

The aim of The Caretaker’s Notebook is to provide a creative writing resource that helps keep budding writers on track with wisdom dispensed by more experienced authors. If you’re at all curious about the inspiration behind the title and design, check out this public information film about the dangers of writer’s block. It can drive you mad, literally . . .

Happy writing!



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