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Who has a novel on the go?

The creative writing centre at Moniack Mhor has announced the Emerging Writer Award, open to new unpublished writers developing a full-length piece of work. I can think of a number of you who would be very suitable so read the guidelines and apply by 15 February. If you don’t enter, you can’t win: The Bridge Awards     […]

Win fifty quid!

I’ve just completed the first week of classes and have been reminding everyone of the necessity of daily writing practice. If doing it for it’s own sake isn’t incentive enough, then maybe the lure of winning fifty quid should provide an adequate bottom-kick. Very helpfully, Kimberley from Tuesday night’s Creative Writing for Writers has sent me links […]

Scottish Memories – competition

Manna in the Friday advanced class wants you all to know about this – it’s definitely not a bad prize for a mere 600 words:    https://www.celebrate-scotland.co.uk/information/writingcompetition/ Incidentally, a number of students have been finding their way into print by sending articles to this magazine, so well done to everyone who has managed it so […]

New Writing Scotland

The submission deadline for the 32nd edition of this annual collection, a venerable fixture on the Scottish writing scene, is a month today: 30 September. It’s open to all types of writing and is usually edited by a well-known name in Scottish writing. It’s well worth entering, so if you have something that’s been lying around […]

Submissions wanted – deadlines 30 April & 31 May

Some opportunities that should be of interest . . .  GutterDeadline: 30th AprilGutter now invites submissions of up to 3,000 words of fiction (short stories, novel extracts) or 120 lines of poetry. Preference will be given to provocative work that challenges, re-imagines or undermines the individual or collective status quo. We are also interested in […]