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‘Your first draft will never be your last’: Sam Bain on writing

If you’ve attended the Creative Writing for Writers class on editing – the summer group took it this morning – you’ll remember this guy from the Charlie Brooker clip I like to show in that session (see my post of 22 February to replay the clip). He’s the one who says the secret of writing […]

Marshmallows and other aspects of storytelling

Over the first two weeks of the Consolidating Your Skills course there’s been reference to the way cinema tells stories and what prose writers can pick up from that. This article discusses how stories work in terms of film, but just about all of it can apply to prose fiction. It’s a long read – […]

TV writers on writing . . .

Follow this link for more from the episode of Screenwipe shown in this week’s advanced class on editing. Also useful for those in beginners who have just done scriptwriting. The episode is split into ten minute chunks – at the lower right of the screen below press the playlist button and scroll along to clips […]