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Alan Warner on writing

I love it when famousĀ authors agree with me about things šŸ˜‰ For example, what Mr Warner says about similes in this excellent interview is exactly what I’ve been saying for years: you just have to be careful with them. There’s also great advice about planning novels and the truthfulness of stuff that’s made up. Enjoy. […]

Middlemarch / Plot / Cat pee

Good to know Creative Writing for Writers is setting the literary agenda: no sooner doĀ we discuss Middlemarch in class than a handy article about it turns up in the Guardian. Despite repeating Virginia Woolf’sĀ asinine yet oft-quoted remark about the book,Ā it’s a useful account of a novelĀ described by some as the greatest written in English:Ā  http://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/feb/10/100-best-novels-middlemarch-george-eliot […]

Marshmallows and other aspects of storytelling

Over the first two weeks of the Consolidating Your Skills course there’s been reference to the way cinema tells stories and what prose writers can pick up from that. This article discusses how stories work in terms of film, but just about all of it can apply to prose fiction. It’s a long read – […]