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We have a winner!

Hi folks I’m extremely chuffed to announce that the winner of the Scottish Book Trust’s prestigious Next Chapter Award 2017 is Julie Rea, who some of you will know from last term’s Creative Writing for Beginners course. She’s also a veteran of the Centre for Lifelong Learning’s Blaze online courses. I had a chat with Julie last week […]

Jonathan Franzen on writing (dreams)

In last night’s Consolidating Your Skills class the discussion touched on the use of dream sequences in stories and I was saying that over the years I’ve come to distrust their use. They’re an easy way for an author to indicate the state of mind of a character, and because of that they’re used too […]

Jon Ronson on writing

At Tuesday night’s Creative Writing for Writers class we were discussing revision and editing, and the mindset required to get things just right. With that in mind, listen to this writer talking about the book that changed him: Jonathon Coe’s What a Carve Up! One passage in particular stands out: ‘If you’re lucky enough to […]

Slavoj Žižek on writing

I know it’s nearly February, but what the hell – Happy New Year folks! To kick off, here’s a short story competition (courtesy of Ivor from the Tuesday night class) http://www.scottishartsclub.co.uk/short-story-2015.html And to inspire your efforts here’s some words of wisdom from the world’s favourite Slovenian Marxist philosopher and cultural critic. Simple advice, delivered in […]

Michel Faber on writing

I covered ‘story elements’ in Creative Writing for Writers this week and Ivor from the class has been in touch with this from the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook  . . . Among characterisation, dialogue, structure, point of view and all the rest, apparently I forgot to mention the time traveling snake, so I’ll be sure […]

Alan Warner on writing

I love it when famous authors agree with me about things 😉 For example, what Mr Warner says about similes in this excellent interview is exactly what I’ve been saying for years: you just have to be careful with them. There’s also great advice about planning novels and the truthfulness of stuff that’s made up. Enjoy. […]

Abraham Lincoln on writing

I can’t find any pronouncement the great man made about the writing process itself, but here’s the link to the Radio Four programme about the Gettysburg Address that I mentioned in last Friday’s advanced class. The passages about Lincoln’s drafting of the speech are particularly interesting and just go to show that even literature created by the greatest […]