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The Next Chapter: enter a competition or sign up for a course

Hi folks September already and soon the nights will be drawing in. I’m sure you’ll all be looking for productive ways to spend the dark evenings and, with that in mind, the Centre for Lifelong Learning has now released its programme for 2017/18 and my courses are available for booking. Details can be found on […]


Midway through the term and one word keeps cropping up in class discussions: Procrastination. The advice is simple: stop it, stop it now. If you can’t, read this on the subject: http://waitbutwhy.com/2013/10/why-procrastinators-procrastinate.html It’s from a blog called Wait But Why, written and illustrated with useful diagrams by someone called Tim Urban. Unfortunately it may not immediately […]

Win fifty quid!

I’ve just completed the first week of classes and have been reminding everyone of the necessity of daily writing practice. If doing it for it’s own sake isn’t incentive enough, then maybe the lure of winning fifty quid should provide an adequate bottom-kick. Very helpfully, Kimberley from Tuesday night’s Creative Writing for Writers has sent me links […]

No. 7

Good luck to everyone starting the new term this week!

Jon Ronson on writing

At Tuesday night’s Creative Writing for Writers class we were discussing revision and editing, and the mindset required to get things just right. With that in mind, listen to this writer talking about the book that changed him: Jonathon Coe’s What a Carve Up! One passage in particular stands out: ‘If you’re lucky enough to […]

Keep Writing (in your notebook)

Today is the end of another academic year and so it’s a fond farewell to all those who have reached the end of Consolidating Your Skills,  the end of the sequence of courses. If you’ve done them all that’s 56 sessions and 19 assignments over two years, i.e. a lot of hard work. Well done – think of all you’ve achieved […]

Keep Writing!

Students who started the Keep Writing course last week will now be on their sixth day of drumming up two daily pages of raw material. Me too. We’ll find out tomorrow how we’re all getting on, but in the meantime I’d like to post a reminder of why we’re doing this. The aim of the […]