Introduction to the courses

I’ve devised several creative writing courses for the Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Strathclyde. These are designed to develop participants’ skills from creative writing beginner to habitual writer. The courses can be taken at various times of the year, during the day, evening or weekend – see the sub-menus for details of dates and times.

The usual route of progression through the courses (over two academic years) is as follows:

Creative Writing for Beginners

Taking Your Creative Writing Further 1

Keep Writing

Creative Writing for Writers: Taking Your Creative Writing Further 2 & 3

Creative Writing: Consolidating Your Skills

I also teach on the Centre’s online Blaze creative writing programme which progresses through three courses:

Kindling (Beginners level; I teach the January edition of this course.)

Feeding the Flame (Intermediate to Advanced level; I teach the October and April editions.)

Inferno (Advanced level, chiefly for those interested in novel writing; I teach the April edition.)

If you prefer a more individual approach to your creative writing learning, I am the mentor for the Centre for Lifelong Learning’s creative writing mentoring programme: see Mentoring, Editorial & Tuition Services for details.