Midway through the term and one word keeps cropping up in class discussions: Procrastination.

The advice is simple: stop it, stop it now.
If you can’t, read this on the subject:
It’s from a blog called Wait But Why, written and illustrated with useful diagrams by someone called Tim Urban. Unfortunately it may not immediately cure your malady as Urban is among the most perceptive, informative and funniest writers on the web, so you may feel obliged to read all his other posts as well. That’s ok: you’re excused for this task – especially if you read the post ‘Your Life in Weeks’, also a good cure for time wasting.
But once you’ve done all that, there can be no more procrastinating: suffocate the Instant Gratification Monkey, engage your Rational Decision Maker and get out of the Dark Playground.
In other words: do some writing. You’ll feel better.


  1. DAVID PRICE · · Reply

    Hi David, How very dare you suggest that one would procrastinate. You don’t seem to realise that there’s the housework and the window box to be dealt with. And then there’s laundry and ———- the windows need cleaning————- and what about all this dust. Who’s going to get rid of that then before I die of some dreaded respiratory lurgie. It’s all very well for you to go on about it when I don’t actually know the definition of the word. You see it’s your lack of definition – that’s the problem! We’re all doomed I tell you ! ORRABEST, G-g-g-g-g-g-Granville G. Grunt-Futtock VI of Auchenshoogle and Ither Ilks AKA David Price PS: Wo is me – I am undone ! PPS: As Frankie Howerd used to say: “Oh for goodness sake – do yourself up and get on with it !” PPPS: A bit of Anti-Procrastination – Eh WOT, WOT, WOT !

    1. Sign up for the next round of courses David – we’ll soon fix all that!

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