Win fifty quid!

I’ve just completed the first week of classes and have been reminding everyone of the necessity of daily writing practice. If doing it for it’s own sake isn’t incentive enough, then maybe the lure of winning fifty quid should provide an adequate bottom-kick. Very helpfully, Kimberley from Tuesday night’s Creative Writing for Writers has sent me links to two interesting competition sites.

Here’s what she says:

‘I wanted to let you know about two online weekly writing competitions that might be of interest to people in the classes.
For this one you have to be online at 5.30pm on a saturday night. It costs 3 quid to enter but you get first entry free, if you win you get fifty quid. At 5.30pm you get a choice of three themes and half an hour to write. Its good fun!
The second is
this runs from Monday – Friday and has a weekly theme, you have an hour to enter once you start (but you can cheat and copy and paste!) If you enter, you have to mark three other entries anonymously, and in return, you receive feedback from three other people for your own writing. Again if you win, you get fifty quid. The feedback part is really interesting, both in terms of reading what other people think of your work, and also, getting to see other peoples work and critiquing it.’
Both look like good opportunities – thanks Kimberely!


  1. David Bradford · · Reply

    That’s very interesting. The Broccoli Debate is certainly Food for thought! May give these a try soon!

  2. Audrey McGinley · · Reply

    Thanks David and thanks to Kimberley too

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