Slavoj Žižek on writing

I know it’s nearly February, but what the hell – Happy New Year folks!

To kick off, here’s a short story competition (courtesy of Ivor from the Tuesday night class)

And to inspire your efforts here’s some words of wisdom from the world’s favourite Slovenian Marxist philosopher and cultural critic. Simple advice, delivered in a very cool accent.

(I recommend the blog this comes from too.)


  1. oh am so glad that you sent this today, this morning I saw that Anne Tyler’s twentieth novel is out! plus the stuff they said about her was so interesting and they suggested she was a modern Jane Austen and that’s what I think!
    happy new year to you too! cheers from Mana

    1. Happy new year Manna – it was actually Paul who was so eloquent about Anne Tyler. Paul, we need you! Drop in a comment reminding us why she’s so good!

  2. P ODONNELL · · Reply

    Hi David, Thanks for the info re the short story competition. Looking forward to joining the class in April along with Jenny Swann and see you Sat 14h to discuss ‘In Cold Blood’ -scary book -especially reading it in USA. (I was on holiday in Florida last week). All the best, Mary O’D

    1. You’re welcome Mary. See you Saturday and look forward to seeing and Jenny back in class in April!

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