Keep Writing (in your notebook)

Today is the end of another academic year and so it’s a fond farewell to all those who have reached the end of Consolidating Your Skills,  the end of the sequence of courses. If you’ve done them all that’s 56 sessions and 19 assignments over two years, i.e. a lot of hard work. Well done – think of all you’ve achieved and don’t let it slide! As i said in class, you learn mostly through experience and thus you never stop learning. Keep going and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks – always write the stories YOU want to write. And drop me a line when you get into print.  

It’s also the halfway mark for those who’ve just completed Keep Writing and I’m looking forward to seeing many of you back in the autumn. The advice for you guys is the same – keep writing over the summer and you’ll be in a good position to get the best out of Creative Writing for Writers.

In the meantime, any of you might benefit from listening to this programme about the importance of the notebook, the basis of the whole Keep Writing course. As someone on it says, the notebook is your testing ground where you try out ideas and where things develop. An essential tool.


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    Hi David

    Thanks for sending this to me. I am still continuing with my writing and am grateful for all the input I received while attending your classes.

    I was at the book launch of the Federation of Writers’ anthology and read the first page of my article about a trip through the centre of Australia (the part I did for one of my assignments at your class!). I was very nervous about doing it but was fine once I started. It was a great evening and good to hear so many of the authors reading part of their story or their poems that were in the anthology.

    I was pleased to have another article taken by The Highlander last week so will look for something else to research that might be of interest to their readers.

    I am still enjoying my attendance at the Kelvinbridge Writers run by Mike Gill and find the feedback very helpful indeed.

    Enjoy your summer holidays David and thanks for keeping in touch.

    Best wishes Irene Lebeter

    1. Hi Irene, lovely to hear from you and well done on your recent submissions successes. Looking forward to seeing the novel so drop me a line when it comes out! David

  2. Lesley P Lyon · · Reply

    David, congratulations on reaching the end of another session of Creative Writing classes. As you know, it is all thanks to you that about 10 of us from previous sessions with you have formed ourselves into a group of scribes (which we have named the Writer’s Circus) and continue to meet every month, enthusiastically bringing our homework to read out, and which we critique. Just this last meeting in June, we all agreed how much we owe to you and your wonderful tuition. Some of us acknowledge that the writing is a life line which keeps us sane. And, even better, we have such a lot of fun!!
    Thanks, David, from Ellen, Evelyn, Janette, James, John, Kareth, Lesley, Louisa, Mary, and Peter

    1. It’s great to hear that you guys are all still meeting up, going strong, and keeping sane 😉 That’s a year now so congratulations and I’m sure there will be many more to come! All the best, David

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