‘Been away . . .

 . . . but now I’m back.’

There’s a bag of Tangfastics waiting for anyone who can guess the source of that quote. (Clue: it’s right in front of your face.) Of course, some present at last week’s Using Your Senses classes may never wish to endure a Tangfastic again. They’re definitely a love or hate kind of thing. Anyway, welcome to all the new students who’ve joined me this year and welcome back to all those who have returned for more. Since you last heard from me the bairn has turned one and learned to walk (spreading chaos in his wake), we’ve moved house, and finally, finally Chez Pettigrew has got a broadband connection so I can start posting on this blog again, starting now –

Whoever wrote this list was thinking about scripts, but these are useful rules that I reckon stand up for any kind of fiction. Especially the last one.



  1. Elizabeth Hands · · Reply

    Stephen King’s The Shining – from the key man if I remember correctly. Didn’t like the follow up book – if right don’t like the prize.


    1. Thank you Elizabeth. A bag of Tangfastics is coming your way, because I know secretly you love them.

  2. I’ll take the tangfastics even although I didnt know the answer if you really dont want them Elizabeth and promise to share them with one or both of my writing groups!

    1. Sorry Manna, I suspect Elizabeth has snaffled them already.

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