‘Thou Shalt Not Bore’

Sounds like a good rule for life, and particularly for writing. It’s also the title of the first part of a new Radio 4 series, ‘The Sins of Literature’. If you haven’t heard it already click on the link below – you still have a day or two before they take it off the site. Definitely essential listening, especially for Howard Jacobson’s story about his father and Will Self’s excellent point, ‘nobody thinks in metaphor’ (so why bother with it in writing?). Thanks to Peter and Lesley for telling me about the programme – part two will be broadcast on Monday.


P.S. The last of the summer courses ended today so I just want to say thanks again to everyone who came along to both the uni class and to Kelvingrove. It’s two months now till the next courses start and hopefully I’ll see most of you again at some point. In the meantime, I always think the end of a course is the point where the writing really begins – so whatever you do with the rest of the summer, keep writing, keep developing, and don’t stop! 

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