New Writers Awards 2014

Scottish Book Trust has announced that it is now taking applications for the New Writers Awards, basically a bursary of £2,000 plus a week in a writers’ retreat, some mentoring and other useful things. It’s open to anyone over 18 and there are 10 winners. As a recipient of a New Writers Bursary myself – back in the days when they made much less of a fuss about it – I can tell you that even then it was well worth applying for. See this link for details, and if you’re going for it – good luck!


  1. Lesley P Lyon · · Reply

    I highly recommend – May We Be Forgiven. As a book to describe the art of research it’s the best. As a book which winds two or even three stories along while the reader isn’t even aware of the difference – brilliant. Despite my ‘hole in the eye’ I was reading till four in the morning. The technique of not having chapters but divisions came with a capital bold word at the beginning of long and short paragraphs made the stories race along. Will be interested to hear what others think.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Lesley. I’ve had a look at some of the reviews for this and it sounds like a great read – it’s going on my list!

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