Keep writing, keep writing, keep writing

Keep Writing ended last Thursday and Consolidating Your Skills on Friday. Hopefully I’ll see most of the Keep Writing students again in October for Creative Writing for Writers (don’t let things slide in the meantime guys), but it was a fond farewell to those who have taken the full sequence of courses over the last 21 months. To each of you I simply want to say congratulations – you did it! – and would advise you now to think of the tens of thousands of words you’ve produced over that time and be proud of what you’ve done. Seriously, what an achievement.
Then, once you’ve done that, get back to writing more stuff. Here’s a link to some competitions and other opportunities to help you along: 


All the best to everyone. Whatever you do, wherever you are, keep writing, keep writing, keep writing… 


  1. Lesley P Lyon · · Reply

    David – thanks for the competition info. I’m going to go ‘under the knife’ in the next month to repair the hole in my eye (how do you get a hole in your eye!?!), and will have quite a long recovery which I could easily spend writing. Even if it’s only about ‘going under the knife’. Oh but Kareth has done that already!
    I reserved If Nobody Speaks… and struggled with the first chapters, but then really got into it and enjoyed it. Just now I’m reading ‘The People of Forever are Not Afraid’ by Shani Boianjiu. A novel about women in the Israeli army – very enlightening. We think we know these things, but We Know Nothing about the training, the disregard for women despite being conscripted alongside the men, the shit jobs the women get – spending hours in a lookout tower with nothing to see and expected to be on red alert for the whole time. At times I’m angry – why do they let themselves be put down, then realise this is how they are raised. If you don’t know about self worth, you can’t fight for it.
    Good stuff though.

    Thanks for the newletter, always enjyable. Lesley P Lyon

    1. Hi Lesley

      Thanks for the reading tip and I hope everything goes well with the operation – let me know!

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