Looking for an audience?

Last week’s Consolidating Your Skills session covered an aspect of writing that’s become pretty much integral to the working lives of professional authors – reading to an audience. But there’s no reason why those in print should get to hog the limelight as there are plenty of opportunities for unpublished writers too. Listed below are the regular open mic events I know of in Glasgow and if you know of others do leave details in the comments box. 
Anyone who’s workshopped their writing in class will know it’s often (always?) a bit nervy reading your work out to an audience, but in lieu of publication it’s a great way to get your writing heard and a valuable way of validating your efforts – as Louisa said in the class, reading your stuff out makes it ‘real’. In my experience audiences always show a tremendous amount of good will and encouragement to new writers and, despite the nerves, the buzz of satisfaction you feel afterwards makes it very worthwhile. One tip though – just don’t read for too long!  
Word Factory  at various venues
Seeds of Thought  at the CCA, Sauchiehall Street
This website carries the contact details though doesn’t show the date of the next event which is this coming Saturday evening if you want to go along and see what it’s like.
Reading the Leaves  at Tchai Ovna teahouse, Otago Lane
Last Monday at Rio  at the Rio Cafe, Hyndland Street
Aye Write always has open mic events in the programme so look out for those next year.


  1. thanks David, seeing Marc Sherland with a mask on has just added to my nightmare ratio after reading The Shadow of the Wind! no only joking! will really have to try and get to some open mic stuff, but maybe not wise just now, however am half way through the treatment tomorrow so it is quite good to know that there are all those opportuinities out there for sure. decided to do my 750 words dot com session before midday today and oh boy did it work! I can now type 750 words in sixteen minutes! am amazed. the way that this site is helping me is that it is training me to think on my lap top. I feel like am a writer in training and the fact that I havent given up on my one page wonder and am doing my two pages of streams of consiousness every day as well has made me realise that I can now start considering myself as “A writer” rather than it being a wee filler – a hobby – a pastime. I am a writer in training and am developing the skill. my confidence will follow on. I am also beginning to think about it as I do other things like making the tea or whatever. so am really grateful to 750 words for making me into an achiever I guess! anyway best get to keep fit! see you Thursday! cheers Mana PS homework done – in 200 words! what an achievement for me!!!! would have preferred it to be 2,000 words! 🙂 you’re a hard taskmaster! 🙂

    1. Hi Mana – that’s great, I particularly like what you say about thinking about it when you’re doing other things! That’s when you know your desire to write is really taking hold.

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