. . . allegedly. The sun is shining yet it’s still only five degrees. But never mind the weather: the only certainty is the start of spring term next week. I’ll be starting early with an event at Aye Write on Saturday morning (booked out), but the fun at Strathclyde Uni begins this coming Tuesday, 16th April. I’m itching to get back in the classroom and looking forward to seeing you at any of the following:


Tuesdays, 6pm: Creative Writing: Consolidating Your Skills 
Aka ‘The Super Advanced Class’: the end game, especially if you’ve taken the forty-eight sessions since the first week of Creative Writing for Beginners. It’s also the start of the next stage in your self-confidence as a writer. After this: independence.
Wednesdays, 6.30 pm: Creative Writing for Beginners
A handy eight-week primer – if you want to get started, or re-started, this is where to come.
The emphasis is on your voice, your experience, your talent. Everyone has these things – the process is letting them out. That’s easier than you think.
Thursdays, 10am and 6pm: Keep Writing
The bridge between Beginners and Advanced – specially designed to leave you with the writing habit ingrained for the long summer ahead. (The 10am class is already full but sign up for the 6pm if you can make it.)
Fridays, 10am: Creative Writing: Consolidating Your Skills.
See Tuesdays!
If you have any queries about the classes just drop me a line at david@dpettigrew.com and I’ll get straight back to you.
To book your place call the Centre for Lifelong Learning on 0141 548 5778 or visit www.strath.ac.uk/cll
And, to finish, here’s an article about the efficacy of creative writing courses. What I like here is the stress on self-belief. At the root of every session, that’s what my courses are all about.
See you next week!

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