Submissions wanted – deadlines 30 April & 31 May

Some opportunities that should be of interest . . . 

Deadline: 30th April

Gutter now invites submissions of up to 3,000 words of fiction (short stories, novel extracts) or 120 lines of poetry. Preference will be given to provocative work that challenges, re-imagines or undermines the individual or collective status quo. We are also interested in work that relates Scotland to an international context. For further info:

Appletree Writers
Deadline: 30th April

Are looking for submissions for their first collection, In on the Tide. They want your poems and short stories inspired by one of these three headings; along the shore; bringing in the catch and looking out to sea. For further info:


My colleague Nikki also advises of the following opportunities – open to all and should be of particular interest to anyone who has taken one of my classes at Kelvingrove:

Writers at The Hunterian Activities

Creative Writing workshops: A unique way of interacting with the Hunterian Collection! Free

Join us for a set of creative writing workshops where you will get a chance to interact with objects of the Hunterian Collection, write and discuss different approaches to writing from connections established with objects.

There are two kinds of workshops:

Giving Object a Voice

Tell us what the object has seen, what’s its story, where they have been, who made them.

This workshop gives you the opportunity to give voice to an object from the Hunterian Collection. You will interact with some objects carefully selected from the Pop Up Museum and the Writers at the Hunterian will show you different approaches on how to transform that initial burst of inspiration into a piece of writing.

April: Saturday 13th 10am-12pm, Saturday 20th 2pm-4pm, Saturday 27th 10am-12pm

Weaving Stories

Have you thought about the place an object has in a story or a poem? By interacting with objects from the Pop Up Museum we will guide you through different ways in which you can use the objects as part of a piece of your own writing. Let’s explore how a new element can inform your writing.

April: Saturday 13th 2pm-4pm, Saturday 20th 10am-12pm, Saturday 27th 2pm-4pm

The workshops take place on the following Saturdays: 13th, 20th and 27th of April at the seminar room in The Gilchrist Postgraduate Club. You can sign to one of each workshop. The pieces you create in the workshops can be submitted to the Creative Writing Competition (see below).

All you need to do is register and attend, there are no fees! We recommend you sign up quickly, as the places are very limited. Register by emailing to specifying which workshop you want to attend (date and time).

Objects of Inspiration – Aye Write Festival 15th April at The Mitchell Library 3:30-4:30 Free

This workshop will investigate how the process of writing can begin from concrete objects. Through sharing our personal experiences as Writers at the Hunterian Museum and showcasing several objects from its hidden collections, we will guide the participants in drawing inspiration from objects they have not encountered before.

Creative Writing Competition – Deadline 31st May 2013

Call for submissions!

We invite you to get inspired by the objects of the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery Collection and write a piece of fiction, flash fiction, poetry or any other form you want and submit it for a change to be published in the anthology of Writers at The Hunterian project. Let the objects spark your writer curiosity and take you further.

Submission Requirements:

1. Your piece must be inspired by at least one of the objects in the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery Collection and must not have been previously published (paper or online) before.

2. Word limit is 1500 words 3. E-Mail your submission as a .doc or .PDF file to:

4. The subject line of your email should include the medium and Hunterian Writing Competition (ex. POETRY HUNTERIAN WRITING COMPETITION).

5. Your name and the title of your piece should be in the file name.

6. Specify which object(s) inspired your piece and tell us why this object inspired you in no more than 150 words in the body of your email.

7. Include a bio of no more than 150 words in the body of your email.

8. DO NOT put your name or anything which directly identifies you within the file itself.





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