She’s Leaving Home / Literary Scotland: A Traveller’s Guide

We had readings of this lyric/poem/short story in both the Saturday and Thursday classes over the last week – the link below will take you to the recorded version. In his great book about the Beatles, Revolution in the Head, the music critic Ian MacDonald called the song ‘imperishable popular art of its time’, which sounds about right to me. To think that Lennon was 26 and McCartney 25 at the time they wrote it.
And they were even younger when they recorded this, one of their other great ‘story’ songs.
Finally, putting Beatlemania aside for a moment but sticking to the theme of going places, during those poetry sessions I also mentioned Alan Riach, professor of Scottish Literature at Glasgow Uni. I’ve come across this guide to Scotland’s literary places that he’s put together for VisitScotland; it’s well worth a look if you fancy some bookish tourism and can be downloaded for free here –


  1. Sheila Slatford · · Reply

    Listening to ‘She’s leaving’ was amazing. Like many young teenagers I loved the Beatles but didn’t listen carefully to the words, nor did they have such impact as they do now. Impressive indeed that Lennon and McCartney had such insight so young. Clever…

  2. The lyrics to this song are amazing, they capture a time and an experience. But perhaps they come from that greater emotional engagement and unrestricted creativity we experience when we’re young, then possibly stifle as we get older by being too cautious and judgmental about our work. Time to find it again …

  3. robina fisher · · Reply

    these songs will live forever

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