Everything You Always Wanted to Know About ‘Scenes of Intimacy’ (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Funnily enough, the day after the subject of sex scenes was discussed in last Tuesday’s advanced class this article appeared in the Guardian –
The article was a trailer for a radio talk Booker prize-winning novelist Julian Barnes delivered the following Monday (Peter from Friday’s class also spotted him publicising this in the current Radio Times). The link is below and if you listen you’ll hear him quoting from the same passage of Brideshead Revisted that I’ve been using in my class handout for the last six years. I think he’s missed the point Evelyn Waugh was making about his character, but anyway, it’s always good to know that the courses are setting the literary agenda 🙂
And finally, as promised, here’s the link to the Guardian’s coverage of the Literary Review Bad Sex Award 2012. There’s a link to an extract of the winning book at the top of the article – the writing is explicit so BE WARNED if you wish to spare your blushes.


  1. Lesley P Lyon · · Reply

    This must have been ‘sex in books’ week in the Big papers. There was an obituary for Barbaby Conrad who died (aged 90) in the Telegraph. He wrote 101 Best Sex Scenes Ever Written: An Erotic Romp Through Literature for Writers and Readers – published when he was 84 (who said “too old”!) It is available from Amazon. I’ve ordered a copy… Lesley P

  2. Thanks for the tip Lesley – if there’s a key book on the subject, this must be it!

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